See up to 80%
of your negative items
in weeks!!!!

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ONLY 997
Why would anyone use an overpriced traditional service such as a credit repair company when they drag out their services for as much as two years and have a history of MAYBE removing only 30-40% of the negative items? The answer is NONE once they learn the powerful alternative that we offer!

Credit repair does not work for the majority of people that spend their hard earned money for a chance at a better life. There are even companies that sell credit repair software that are instructed to ONLY dispute 1-2 negative items a month so that clients will stay on longer and pay monthly fees for their services.

Why Waste Time And Money
When You Can Get Results Like These

How is our system different from credit repair?

When a person wants their credit files changed.  There is nothing more powerful and permanent than what we do!

  • It’s An Exact Legal Procedure
  • There Are No Monthly Letters Disputing  Accurate Information
  • Our Procedure Is Fully Backed By Law
  • Our Process Works!!!


How long does the processes take...

The difference is like night and day. As we stated before, typical credit repair firms try to keep you as a client, paying them each and every month for 18-24 months. In that time, they state that they try to get 70% of the negatives off your credit report. From the reviews that we have read, traditional credit repair companies only remove 20-40% of the negative items.

With our process, The typical time frame for our service from the time we receive your paperwork until completion is 90 days! Our results are over the top.

Just look at the before and after proofs on this page (these are only a small portion of the clients we have completed). The results speak for themselves. We get new video testimonials every day from people that want to tell the world just how amazing our process is….You could be the next one sending us a testimonial in just a few short weeks from today!

Haven't You Waited Long Enough?

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